Happy Shark Week!
Sharks are alive and well in Canada's Pacific waters

Are you watching Discovery Channel's hugely popular Shark Week?  

Did you know that Canada's Pacific waters are home to large numbers of large sharks?  A few years ago, we published a paper reporting a massive aggregation of salmon and blue sharks.  We used Aeroplan Miles to fly our observers and equipment to Sandspit (Haida Gwaii/Queen Charlotte), and that kept our field costs low.  Warning: the paper is a bit on the technical side, but the bottom line is that there is still a lot to explore in Canadian waters.  

We'd love to go back there soon to tag some sharks to find out if we discovered a nursing or feeding ground for these top predators.  One problem.  

We're gonna need a bigger boat.  {You saw that Jaws reference coming, didn't you?}

Posted by: Oceans Initiative on August 7, 2013.
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