In order for the charity/charitable initiative to be considered and approved for a Member donation Account by us and/or to participate in the Aeroplan Member donation program (“Aeroplan Donation Program”), an Aeroplan Applicant and the Account Administrator (if applicable) must comply with the charity rules herein (“Charity Rules”), the Aeroplan Program General Terms and Conditions (“General Terms and Conditions”) and any other applicable terms and conditions of the Aeroplan Program.  All terms and/or expressions that use a capital letter and that are not otherwise defined in these Charity Rules shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the General Terms and Conditions. If any provision set forth in these Charity Rules varies from or conflicts with those set forth in the General Terms and conditions, the terms of these Charity Rules shall prevail but only to the extent that the provision of these Charity Rules expressly states that it supersedes the General Terms and Conditions.



“Account” means an Aeroplan Donation Program account where the holder of the account is the applicable charity/charitable initiative.

“Account Administrator” means an individual designated by the Aeroplan Applicant to manage the applicable Account on behalf of the charity/charitable initiative.

“Aeroplan Applicant” means the Member who applied for the creation of the Account and is responsible for the Account on behalf of the charity/charitable initiative.

“Targeted Goal” means the number of Aeroplan Points a charity/charitable initiative establishes as a target goal for a given length of time of either three (3) months, six (6) months or a year.

“You” means a user, who is either accessing the Aeroplan Donation Program website page or is an Aeroplan Member interacting with the Aeroplan Donation Program (either through donations, or through creating an Account.) For voidance of doubt, “you” shall include the Account Administrator and the Aeroplan Applicant, as the case may be.



You can either be an Aeroplan Applicant or an Account Administrator for only one charity/charitable initiative during a one-year period and must be a Canadian resident, of the age of majority under the laws of the province or territory where you reside at time of the application.

Applications will be considered on a case by case basis to ensure that the proposed charity/charitable initiative meets the Aeroplan Donation Program’s Targeted Goals.  Without limitation, the application will be refused as not meeting Aeroplan Donation Program’s Targeted Goals if it is submitted on behalf of a political organization, a professional or semi-professional sports organization, or a government program. The Account must support a cause or activity that is inclusive and community facing, without prejudice, and that does not impose a particular doctrine or belief or the promotion of views which are in contravention of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We reserve the right to audit and/or require supporting documentation with respect to the charity/charitable initiative to ensure the foregoing (including but not limited to obtaining a signed statement to support the application and/or consent by the individual for whom the charity/charitable initiative is set up).


Accounts and Responsibility

An Account should be designed as “Public” or “Private” by the Aeroplan Applicant.

If the charity/charitable initiative is designated as a “Public Account”, you are acknowledging and agreeing that the Account will be accessible online at https://www.donatepoints.aircanada.com and can be shared with social networking sites and such other sites as Aeroplan may determine from time to time (“Social Media Channel”). All Public accounts must be translated by the charity/charitable initiative and shown in both English and French.

Where the charity/charitable initiative has been designated as a “Private Account”, you are acknowledging and agreeing that privately viewed Accounts will be accessible only through links to the Account that are sent to users via email by the Aeroplan Applicant or if applicable, the Account Administrator.  Please note however that Aeroplan cannot control and is not responsible for the forwarding/re-forwarding of the Private Account link and as such, privacy cannot be guaranteed. Where you are the Aeroplan Applicant, you are solely responsible and liable for sending/forwarding/re-forwarding the Private Account link.



All content, including posted images, artwork, wording, links to URLs, Social Media Channel links and video content, is subject to approval by Aeroplan. Aeroplan has the right but not the obligation to monitor, review and/or remove such content. Aeroplan assumes no responsibility or liability arising from our doing so or omission to do so.  All materials with Aeroplan logos and/or Aeroplan mentions must be approved in writing by Aeroplan before they are publicly distributed / displayed by the charity/charitable initiatives. Such materials can be emailed to aeroplan.donation@aircanada.ca for consideration.



Accumulation/Donation and Expiration of Aeroplan Points

The Account is only able to accumulate Aeroplan Points through donations from Members. All transfers of donated Aeroplan Points are made without charge. 100% of all donations go directly into the Account. A minimum donation of [1,000] Aeroplan Points is required. Once a donation transaction is completed by a Member, the transfer of the selected quantity of Aeroplan Points to the designated charity/charitable initiative is final, and neither the choice of charity/charitable initiative selected nor the quantity of Aeroplan Points donated may be reversed or modified. Tax receipts are not issued for donations of Aeroplan Points.

Notwithstanding the General Terms and Conditions, Aeroplan Points in an Account will not be forfeited because of any inactivity (no donations or redemptions of Aeroplan Points) during a period of 18 consecutive months.


Redemption of Aeroplan Points

Redemptions through the Account must be made in good faith and in accordance with the charitable purpose set out in the submitted application to Aeroplan. Aeroplan Points redeemed are not refundable.


Closing of an Account

If the Aeroplan Applicant or the Administrator do not comply with these Charity Rules, the General Terms and Conditions, other applicable terms and conditions of the Aeroplan Program or applicable laws and regulations, the Account may be cancelled by Aeroplan, at its sole discretion and without further notice resulting in the automatic cancellation of the remaining Aeroplan Points in the Account. Aeroplan reserves the right to investigate, and in its sole discretion, suspend and/or close any Account and cancel any reward or Aeroplan Points, as the case may be, for any reason, including for: misrepresentation, fraudulent activity, inappropriate content or promotion of views which are in contravention of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Furthermore, Aeroplan also reserves the right to cancel an account, at its own discretion and without further notice resulting in the automatic cancellation of the remaining Aeroplan Points in the Account, if the charity/charitable initiative acts in contravention with these Charity Rules, the General Terms and Conditions, other applicable terms and conditions of the Aeroplan Program or applicable laws and regulations.


Aeroplan Family Sharing

Notwithstanding the General Terms and Conditions, an Account contemplated by these Charity Rules will not be able to participate in a Pool.


Additional Privacy Terms

All personal information collected from the Aeroplan Applicant and/or Account Administrator shall be used by Aeroplan solely for the following purposes: (1) ensuring the accuracy, validity and/or eligibility of the application and/or the charity/charitable initiative; (2) opening, management and monitoring of the Account; (3) management of the Aeroplan Donation Program to understand needs in order to develop and enhance the Aeroplan Donation Program and to meet legal requirements.

Please note that by designating an Account as a “Public Account” there cannot be an expectation of privacy with respect to any information posted on the [Charity’s/Charitable Initiative’s page].

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