Clean Water Nicaragua
The Latitude Project brings clean water to rural homes

In October of 2017, Nicaragua was hit by the storm caused by Hurricane Nate. Huge increase in rainfall caused many rivers to surge, flooding homes and contaminating water sources. Rural farmers watched as their crops - their livelihoods - were washed away. For days, the strong rainfall, heavy winds and racing rivers kept rural communities living in fear for their lives. 

Since then, Latitude has partnered with rural communities to assess the Hurricane damage and provide immediate solutions to their greatest needs. We have successfully installed clean water filtration systems to over 50 homes in December and just completed another 54 homes in January.  The generous donations of Aeroplan Miles allows Latitude to continue to direct all of our resources to funding and building these in-home filters.

If you'd like to support Latitude as we continue to assess hurricane damage, please consider donating Aeroplan Miles - a crucial part in allowing our team to continue their important work. 

Posted by: The Latitude Project on January 30, 2018.
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