Double your impact for global poverty with EWB during Aeroplan Match Week!
Send 40+ Fellows to help create possibilities in Sub-Saharan Africa

From September 2-8, Aeroplan will match all miles donated to Engineers Without Borders Canada (EWB), up to 500,000.


The Aeroplan miles you donate are critical to EWB’s mission to tackle the root causes of poverty.  


EWB envisions a world where everyone has the opportunity to live to their full potential, a world with a sense of possibilities, a sense of community, a sense of home. As a global organization, EWB combines leadership development, social enterprise investments and policy change to deliver impact in Canada and Sub-Saharan Africa.


Every year, EWB sends over 40 volunteer Fellows to partner initiatives in Zambia, Malawi, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda, using donated Aeroplan miles. EWB Fellows are outstanding, passionate leaders recruited from a variety of professional and technical backgrounds, and offer support related to business development, talent acquisition, investor preparation, financial modelling, leadership and mentoring.


For EWB partner organizations, having the support to help grow their businesses is invaluable.


James Thorogood, EWB Long Term Fellow working with the farming and agriculture company, Lisha Bora, shares how working face-to-face with the Kenya-based startup helped maximize his—and the organization's—impact.  


“My biggest contribution to this venture [Lisha Bora] was helping to secure funding so that we could grow and test new ideas. I’m proud to say that we’ve been able to grow from an $8,000 company to a $100,000 company, making LishaBora well equipped to scale and poised to develop additional services.”  


At full potential, the venture plans to spread across Africa to offer all-in-one health and feed solutions, coupled with education around cow health and brokering, to return vitality to the smallholder dairy sector.  


EWB thanks Aeroplan and its members for donating over 55,000,000 miles since 2007.


“Engineers Without Borders could not have the global impact we currently have without the support of Aeroplan members who generously donate Miles each year. Truly, you make the work we do around the world possible,” says EWB CEO, Boris Martin


By the numbers

  • Aeroplan has supported Engineers Without Borders Canada since 2007.
  • Miles donated during Aeroplan Match Week make it possible for EWB to send over 40 EWB leaders to Africa each year to work to create systemic change.
  • Donated Miles also enable EWB to bring a group of 8-10 innovators from our African partners to Canada each year through our Kumvana Fellowship program.
  • To date, more than 55 million Aeroplan Miles have been generously donated to EWB by Aeroplan Members.

Help send 40 more Fellows to ignite and create possibilities in sub-Saharan Africa. Donate your miles today >


Posted by: Engineers Without Borders Canada on September 13, 2017.
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