Some Ways Your Miles Have Made a Difference
Donated Miles Provide Specialized Training Opportunities

Access to previously donated miles have allowed us to bring in talented and skilled professionals to work with the teams, including Neil Barnes from New Zealand.  Men’s Team Manager, Gareth Rees, noted that “having Aeroplan Mikes available to our team allowed us to bring in Neil Barnes from Taranaki in New Zealand to work to prepare our national athletes.  New Zealand rugby is leading the world at the moment.  These flights are imperative for our Canadian player to benefit from the relationships and expertise we are growing down there.”

Miles have also been used to send players overseas for special training, sending extra players on tours and unique opportunities like flying in consultants to help improve programs and operations. Help us to continue providing these services – donate your Aerplan Miles today!~

Posted by: Canadian Rugby Union on December 4, 2013.
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