Tonembee Videos a Huge Success at the LA Femme Film Festival!
Pictures (and Videos!) tell more than a thousand words.

Four of our videos of our visit to Kithuia Village over the holiday season, 2012 were just In Selection at the LA Femme Film Festival. Thanks to your donated miles, we were able to bring videographer Randy Cole to film our trip and these videos are helping enormously to get the word out about the inspiring accomplishments of these amazing folks living in the most remote area of Kenya with no running water or electricity.

 We documented the amazing progress the villagers are making in Education (we have 18 deserving village kids in high school) and Solar Energy (the villagers are now using 300 donated solar cookers and have begun making their own!).The villagers looked amazing projected on the big screen and the audience was cheering, crying...we all had an amazing time.

Your donated miles will help us return to this remote Kenyan village with no running water or electricity so that we can continue to help Kithuia Village help themselves. Thanks for all your support! Here's a link to the videos:


Posted by: Tonembee Association on October 29, 2013.
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