Indigenous youth in Alberta find their voices with debut single ‘Moments’
It was like a first spark of pride, affirming ‘I am here'.

Make Music Matter (MMM) and partners Kehewin Native Dance Theatre (KNDT) are proud to share the debut single ‘Moments’ by artist collective Nikamo (‘Sing’ in Cree), released on A4A Records with global distribution through Warner Music Canada.

Stream/download here:

The song is the first to come out of the Naskwahamâtowin project – a collaboration between KNDT and MMM to offer innovative mental health support for Indigenous youth. The project is supported by Bell and National Music Centre (NMC) in Calgary is also an official partner of the initiative.

‘Moments’ is a song about friendship and love. “It talks about the things that are saving their lives,” explains Rosa John, artistic director at KNDT. Along with lead music producer Cindy Paul, she worked with local schools to create a safe space for the youth to address the loss they have experienced in their lives and the challenges they face as survivors of intergenerational trauma.

The process of creating music through the therapy program has enabled them to face their fears. “At first, many of them were afraid of going up to the mic and by the end they were fighting to be the first in line,” says KNDT technical director Melvin John. “It was like a first spark of pride, affirming ‘I am here, standing here. I’m a student in this school. This is my voice.’”

Nikamo’s debut EP, also entitled ‘Moments’, will feature five tracks and will be released October 20, 2023. Pre-save it here:



About Nikamo

Nikamo (‘Sing’ in Cree) is an artist collective featuring Indigenous youth from Kehewin Cree Nation, Goodfish Lake, Onion Lake, Cold Lake, and Saddle Lake in central Alberta, Canada. They were brought together through the Naskwahamâtowin Healing in Harmony project and have transformed into empowered and fearless artists. Inspired by their own stories, their families, and community Elders, Nikamo are helping to keep their Indigenous culture alive.

Posted by: Make Music Matter on October 5, 2023.
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