Our vet volunteers head to the FAR north!
Providing vet services in the Inuit community of Kuujjuaq

The Canadian Animal Assistance Team (CAAT) were happy to be invited back to Kuujjuaq to provide veterinary services again.    The pandemic delayed our return and we were happy to finally be able to get there and care for the dogs and cats of this far Northern community.

We saw a total of 74 animals during our busy clinic days.   It was mostly dogs but a few cats as well!   Some pets were brought in just to get a vaccine booster (they were already spayed/neutered from our last visit).  There are so many beautiful dogs in this community and some very lovely snuggly ones too!

Our biggest patient was Whiskey, a St. Bernard, who came in at 48 kgs!   He was a bouncing, big, strong boy and he did well after his neuter surgery and headed back home.   We had a wonderful pair of mother/son Huskys named Huskey and Aku, they came in and were spayed and neutered and recovered cuddling up to each other.    We were happy to see so many community members bring in their pets when they had the opportunity to have veterinary surgical services available. 

The people and animals of the North are unique and wonderful.   Thanks to our Aeroplan points we were able to get our volunteer team members to Montreal to connect to the northern flight needed to get all the way to Kuujjuaq!   Thank you to our supporters for donating their miles to our mission, it makes getting to these sometimes challenging locations, where we are needed the most, possible!



Posted by: Canadian Animal Assistance Team on November 1, 2022.
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