Help Us Bring People Together in the Fight Against Poverty!
Donated points brings about an equitable world.

We are calling for your points to shorten the distance in making a meaningful change today! Donate your Aeroplan points from September 2nd to 9th and have your points matched! Each point donated offsets travel costs for our Fellows and volunteers, which brings creative people and innovative ideas together. 

At EWB, we realize that poverty and inequality are never individual issues. Instead, these issues arise as a result of failed systems. Our Fellowship programs are designed to look at the broken systems that allow poverty to persist and find innovative solutions. However, we cannot do it alone. A simple donation of your unused Aeroplan points ignites hundreds of opportunities for innovators, entrepreneurs, and passionate young leaders. 

Each connection you enable forms a small step towards a world where everybody’s basic needs are met, and everyone can achieve their full potential. Let’s use this opportunity to push forward and leave a lasting mark in the fight against poverty! With your donations, we can bring about an equitable and sustainable world where everyone has the opportunity to bring their ideas into reality.

Posted by: Engineers Without Borders Canada on September 3, 2021.
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