A gift in the midst of one man's battle with cancer, brought partners together to fight for hope. It's a small world after all!
Cancer patient donates miles weeks before his death.

Thank you to the dozens of people who have been contributing to Love a Village, enabling us to bring our Malawian implementing partner Daniel Nyirenda (Director, Rural Development Partners (RDP)) to Canada. Together, you made it possible! 

Together, your donated miles, enabled us to bring Daniel to Canada to share updates, stories and a vision of hope for Malawian villagers who are caught in the grips of extreme poverty. A large portion of his flight ticket (75% of ticket) was covered by the donation of one man who battled, and has since died from, cancer. These donated miles, together with the miles of dozens of other people, made it possible to personally connect the voices of Malawian villagers with Love a Village's Canadian supporters. #withAeroplan

Daniel and Julie Seath (founder of Love a Village (LAV)) were able to chat with this man's wife, and extend their condolences as well as their deepest gratitude for providing such an opportunity. True to this woman's beautiful nature and great sense of humour, she teased, "No wonder I can't travel anywhere!" Daniel and Julie had a good chuckle with her over this. She then continued, "I'm so glad to see that he's still doing nice things for others." She was very moved to learn her husband had donated the miles through the Aeroplan Donate Miles Program.

Daniel's visit to Canada involved daily meetings, coffees and meals with donors to express gratitude on behalf of LAV, RDP & our Malawian village friends. He was able to give updates on projects and stories from the field.

LAV is working in Malawi where over 85% of the population are subsistence farmers (they grow enough food to feed themselves). They live daily with no water, no power, poor shelter and are hungry. They are in a daily fight to survive.

Our mission is to change the face of extreme povertyThrough partnership, we seek to empower villagers to live independently. Not through handouts, but by coming alongside them and assisting them. We use a wholistic approach by engaging local leaders and Malawian organizations, through education, basic aid and assistance, and teaching villagers to work together as a community. We are dedicated to be the voice for those who have no voice, who have no way of voicing their plea. Silenced by the chasm poverty has thrown them in to, we work dilligently to help them be heard by those who can help

If you're interested in partnering with us and helping us assist our village friends through the partnership of Love a Village & Rural Development Partners, you may donate here.

Again, a heartfelt thank you on behalf of those we are working hard to help becoming independent. Please continue to help us raise enough miles to bring Daniel here again in the years to come. His voice is so important to hear.

Posted by: love a village mission on November 16, 2018.
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