Ours 2018

After its tremendous success in 2016 Opera on the Avalon has remounted Ours.

"Remarkable accomplishment"-Lev Bratishenko, Opera News, 2016 

Ours tracks the aftermath of the battle of Beaumont Hamel through the story of Thomas Nangle, who was chaplain to the Newfoundland Regiment. Following the war he was named to the Imperial War Graves Commission where he led efforts to properly bury the remains of much of the lost regiment across Europe. He established the existing five war memorial sites across Europe, including Beaumont Hamel, as well as the Newfoundland National War Memorial in St. John’s. His story of sacrifice, hardship, and renewal is the perfect human embodiment of Newfoundland’s journey through the war, and through its horrific aftermath.

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Posted by: Opera On The Avalon on August 14, 2018.
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