We reunited an Iraqi refugee family in Belgium last week
Thanks to everyone who donated and made it possible!

We don't have permission to share this refugee family's story at present, which is common among our recipients. Often, this is because the families fear for the safety of relatives that remain in their country of origin. What we can share is that an Iraqi family who had been separated from their father/husband for several years is now reunited with him in Belgium! Thanks to our wonderful donors for making this happen and if we can share more information later we will post it here.

Your donations can fly our recipients on any of Air Canada's partner airlines (i.e. the entire Star Alliance). in the case of this family we flew them on Egyptair, which was very helpful as it meant they got to transit in an Arabic-speaking airport for their first-ever flights.

Posted by: Miles4Migrants on July 22, 2018.
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