We reunited another Syrian refugee family with your Aeroplan donations!
Ghassan's family is finally reunited with him in Sweden!

Ghassan, his wife, Zainab, and their 5 children left their home in Daraa, Syria in 2013, as the war was becoming very dangerous, and fled to Jordan.  They attempted to settle into life in Jordan but Ghassan was unable to work because of Jordanian laws. Ghassan eventually left for Sweden and a new life, promising to send for his family later.

Zainab and the kids received assistance from our partners at Collateral Repair Project while they were separated from their dad/husband. Once the paperwork was finally completed and the family was approved for travel, Collateral Repair Project asked us if we could help. Thanks to your donations the answer was yes!!! They were reunited last week!



Posted by: Miles4Migrants on April 30, 2018.
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