Home! :)

After 2.5 years of waiting, Maylee finally came home on November 3, 2017.  :)  We met her in Taiwan on October 23rd and had a wonderful 2 weeks there getting to know each other.  Rick, Bo and I travelled to Taiwan, along with my parents and Rick's Mom.  It was so nice to have all the support while we were there - especially with Bo being up through the night for the first week (due to the 15 hour time difference).  

Maylee has been adjusting so well into our family.  She's full of spunk and she's eager to learn absolutely everything.  :)  She and Bo are becoming good friends.  And Bo has been so patient and kind with her - especially after having had Daddy and Mommy to himself for his first 5 years.

We continue to be so thankful for the help you gave us in getting to Taiwan!  As it turned out, Aeroplan didn't have any business class tickets for the long haul flights from Vancouver to Taipei and back, so we booked in economy.  That meant that we ended up only using half the miles we had accumulated for our travel.  A business class return ticket from Edmonton to Taipei is 150,000 miles, and economy is 75,000.  Our plan for the remaining miles is to use them to fly Maylee's birth family over to Edmonton to visit her in her new home.  We've become good friends and we keep in touch with them regularly.  They're excited for the chance to see her again, and to see where she lives.  And we're excited to have them come. On behalf of all of us (Daddy, Mommy, Bo, Maylee, Baba, Mama and Maylee's 2 older sisters) thank you for this very special gift!

With love and gratitude,  

Rick, Christine, Bo & Maylee

Posted by: Bringing Maylee Home on March 25, 2018.
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