Two Syrian refugee families safely in Canada!
Thank-you IRCC

Two Syrian refugee families sponsored by Temple Sholom are safely in Canada. The 'pre-arrival' tasks included finding lodging, furniture, and  items people need as daily fare in greater Vancouver. 'Post-arrival' tasks included school selection, registration at govt departments, bank accounts, introduction to neighbourhoods; and, among other things, financial planning. The overall financial liabilities of the refugee process were reviewed, including the usual refugee financial obligations to the federal government, which consists largely of air transport costs. If our math is right, and if our plan regarding the disposition of the Aeroplan Miles received in  the Aeroplan member donation program works as planned, our two Syrian refugee families will have paid back their respective financial obligations to the federal government in full. In the first year. Thank-you Aeroplan! Thank-you to everyone who has donated!

Posted by: Syrian Refugee Transport to Canada on July 26, 2017.
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