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Without you, Jennifer may never have been able to come share her story

We believe, as I’m sure you do too, that aid work overseas should be stable and long lasting. That’s one reason the majority of our overseas team work in the communities where they were born and still live. If there is one downside to this, it’s that most of them will never meet you – the generous donors and tireless volunteers of our work. However, this year was different. Using Aeroplan Miles we were able to fly one of our Senior Legal Officers, Jennifer Ayot from Gulu, Uganda to Toronto.

Jennifer came here to speak in the Ask Her Talks, a multi-city event organized by the Stephen Lewis Foundation that War Child was honoured to be a part of. In Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa Jennifer shared her personal story of growing up in a time of war, to becoming a human rights lawyer. She shared that violence against women and children has been so pervasive in Uganda that even after the conflict slowed, rates of abuse actually rose. It is a trend that often occurs in many post-conflict areas, and too often its women and children who suffer most.

But Jennifer also spoke about success – how War Child’s access to justice work is having a real and positive impact on the region. More and more victims of abuse and violence are receiving free legal support, and advocacy campaigns are expanding the region’s knowledge about the rights of children and women. No longer are criminals escaping justice, and because of it every day Ugandan women and children are becoming safer.

Without the support from Aeroplan and members like you that donate miles, Jennifer may never have been able to come here and share her story. Your gift made possible her ability to represent the voice and views of thousands of Ugandan women and children here in Canada.

Thank you to Aeroplan Beyond Miles and to all of the generous Canadians that support us by donating their Miles.

Together we can continue to fight for justice in Uganda, and make childhood soar! 

Posted by: War Child Canada on June 3, 2015.
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