Landscape artist Jean-Paul Ganem makes an environmental and artistic impact in Montreal
Unexpected art

During the summer of 2014, thanks to the generous support of the Aeroplan Beyond Miles program, Earth Day Canada was able to fly world renowned landscape artist, Jean-Paul Ganem from Paris to Montreal for a special collaboration with Earth Day Quebec.

On the banks of the Nicolet River, Jean-Paul created a large-scale landscape art piece in a ZinZen fashion, a project that connected art, architecture and nature in an abandoned and forgotten space. The project demonstrated the importance of rural areas in developing our spaces. In addition to this project, Jean-Paul created a second art piece at the Darling Foundry, a visual art centre in Montreal. The inspired piece transformed Ottawa Street into a field made up of thousands of flowers ranging from white to red. Jean-Paul’s inspiring artwork created environmental awareness and a positive environmental impact in Montreal.

Posted by: Earth Day Canada on October 29, 2014.
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