Campaign coming soon!

First off, we'd like to say a huge thank you to all those who have contributed to our cause. We have some news that we will be launching a campaign this summer! This means that we can set a goal and if we hit 90% of that goal then Aeroplan will donate 10% to cap us off! Exciting, huh? So what have we been up to and how have your miles helped? Here's an update!

What we've been up to: our rescue operations continue, as we've taken in many dogs and cats. We will soon host our Woofstock 2014 event and we can't wait! I've included a photo of just one of our many rescues! Although he is cute, we are firm believers in stopping the problem before it starts. This is why we are so adament about spay/neuter clinics.

How the miles have been used thus far: We haven't used any miles yet because we still need more to be able to bring up two students and a vet. But each mile gets us that much closer to the clinic!! :)

How the miles will be used once we hit our goal: Once we hit our goal, we can start booking ticket and will be bringing them up for a spay/neuter clinic. This means that towns people can get their pets fixed for free and we can help control the pet population.

How you can help: the best way is donating your miles! If you already have, we thank you. Another way is to share our link and upcoming campaign with your friends. Perhaps they have some miles they are willing to donate! Spreading the word about our work is so important to our cause, especially being located in the Arctic.

Thank you again and we know with your help we can make this clinic a reality!! For more information about us, check us out on Facebook

Posted by: Iqaluit Humane Society 2007 on May 27, 2014.
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