Thank you for all the Amazing support
Because of all your great support we have been able to make 14 flights

Because of all your great support we have been able to make 14 flights happen since January.  Outlined below is an amazing letter from Juanita Flight #12. We feel she does a beautiful job illustrating the power of the gift all of us are giving with a flight.  We hope if warms your heart like it did ours…..


No one exsists alone…we must love or die

squishes & xoxoxo


 Several years ago I was diagnosed with a brain tumour. It was in such a precarious spot in my brain, that we were told from my neurologists, and neurosurgeon, that no one would touch it with a ten foot pole.   So essentially, we treated the symptoms only it was causing…which was several different types of seizures. We also monitored it yearly to make sure of its state of growth.  Twice during the years, it had grown causing concern…and then stabilized once more.


Then, in the summer of 2012 the tumour grew once more proving that this time, dealing with the surgery far out weighed the risk of letting it be.  So, on August 14th, 2012, a biopsy was performed.  The results showing that it was a rare tumour, with little information about its treatment or end results. In the end, I decided for quality of life overall…and opted for no treatment. It was at this time, over the phone, that I met Eileen Quigg.  She introduced me to “The Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada.” Eileen was a huge support to me, during this time, in which she befriended me, and spent many hours speaking to me on the phone.  Eileen knows of my palliative situation, and recently, she was in touch with me about an opportunity for someone in my family to come visit me threw a program called “Give A Mile Opportunity”


The program is a non-profit organization that had one plane ticket to fly a family member to come visit me.   She needed to know if I had any family living somewhere in eastern Canada that I would like to come visit me?   Well of course I did….my daughter!! I could not believe if I was hearing correctly. It seemed just a little good to be true!!


Eileen put me in contact with Kevin Crowe, who would be in charge of booking the flight. I was still a bit scared to tell my children about all of this in case something fell through, but decided I needed to tell my daughter to help me speak with Kevin and set things up. Together my daughter, Jennifer and I did just that…and as I sat on pins and needles, I received a text message from Jennifer telling me her flight schedule! Jennifer and her daughter and husband are coming for Easter holidays!!  This ticket made it affordable enough for them to all be able to come!


At this point in my life, no lotto ticket could ever mean as much to me! Thank you “Give A Mile Opportunity” for this amazing gift you have given to my family!  My words of thanks seem so inadequate to what you have given me!!


Thank you once again!!






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Posted by: Give A Mile on April 3, 2014.
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