Return to Burns Lake, BC to give animals access to veterinary care
114 animals seen in 4 days!

CAAT has a long history with the Burns Lake and surrounding First Nations communities.   We started our volunteer clinics there in 2011, with the Lakes Animal Friendship Society (LAFS) playing a HUGE role in getting us there and making things happen.   By 2016, the level of animals in need had decreased significantly due to the clinics CAAT held.  We completed a total of over 700 surgeries and vaccinations and a local SpayAid program and other local initiatives were in place to ensure the on-going needs were sustainable locally.    

However, the pandemic created a perfect storm of very difficult access to local vet care (extremely busy vets and extreme numbers of animals) and increased financial constraints for pet owners.   The need for outside assistance was evident.   CAAT agreed to go back and provide a large scale spay/neuter clinic to help get things back on track.   Our team flew into Prince George and then drove to Burns Lake and provided services for 4 days, completing 114 surgeries!     We were happy to be able to help and get things back on track in this great community.    

CAAT would not be able to help any of the communities in need if it were not for our generous donors to our Aeroplan campaigns.    We need to get our team members to where they are most needed, and this is often remote and sometimes fly-in only communities.   Thanks to the belief in our mission that our Aeroplan donors have shown us, through their donations, we have been able to go where we are needed!

Posted by: Canadian Animal Assistance Team on January 8, 2024.
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