Jörgen Dance is Dance for All

Introducing Jörgen Dance 

For 35 years Ballet Jörgen has brought the joy of dance to countless individuals, families and communities across Canada and beyond. While we are firmly rooted in our history as an exceptional professional ballet company, we have grown to be so much more! Today we offer a wide range of training and community programs across many dance styles to ensure dance is truly accessible for all Canadians. Whether you are looking to attend a performance, learn to dance, or engage with the arts for the first time; there is something for you under the Jörgen Dance umbrella. You will be welcomed, educated, entertained, and be a respected member of our in-person and virtual community. As an organization we genuinely believe in our motto: Dance for All. 

What is Jörgen Dance?

Jörgen Dance is Ballet Jörgen, Jörgen Dance Academy and Jörgen Community Dance. Jörgen Dance connects our three distinct areas of programming and ensures that every person who engages with the Company – from ballet lovers to those experiencing dance for the first time – can do so in a way that is most meaningful to them. At its core, Jörgen Dance remains everything you love about Ballet Jörgen while recognizing the tremendous growth we’ve undertaken.  

We invite you to explore everything Jörgen Dance has to offer and find your place within our community! 

 Ballet Jörgen

Canada’s preeminent touring ballet company, Ballet Jörgen travels coast to coast each season performing a vibrant repertoire of full-length ballets and shorter contemporary works. Known for the warmth and beauty of its productions, Ballet Jörgen aims to make ballet accessible and relevant to 21st century audiences. We like to tell Canadian stories and always reflect a Canadian identity in our programming. Ballet Jörgen is also proud to support the development of Canadian choreographers and, since its inception, has only danced new works created exclusively for the Company. 

Ballet Jörgen Repertoire

  • The Nutcracker: A Canadian Tradition
  • Swan Lake
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Romeo & Juliet
  • Coppélia: A Comedy with Love
  • Anastasia
  • Cinderella
  • Anne of Green Gables – The Ballet®
  • The Velveteen Rabbit
  • Dance for All – Small Halls Project
  • More than 260 one act or shorter contemporary works


Jörgen Dance Academy 

Across all ages, abilities, and time zones Jörgen Dance Academy delivers exceptional dance training and education to Canadians and students abroad. Jörgen Dance Academy offers a range of in-person and virtual programs for each step in an aspiring dancer’s journey, and our unique partnership with George Brown College gives post-secondary students the skills, confidence, and connections necessary for employment in a wide range of dance performance settings. 

Jörgen Dance Academy Programs

  • Summer Dance Junior CompanyGeorge Brown Dance* Ballet Jörgen Mentorship HBE Contemporary Mentorship** Ballet Jörgen Apprenticeship Virtual Dance Studio* Other Virtual Programs Ballet Terminology Library

* In partnership with George Brown College ** In partnership with Human Body Expression 


Jörgen Community Dance 

Many Canadians lack opportunities to participate in cultural events due to geographic, funding, and socioeconomic barriers. Jörgen Community Dance seeks to remove these barriers by bringing free or low-cost dance programming directly into communities to ensure the arts are inclusive of all Canadians. Thousands of Canadians each season experience their first ever live dance event through Jörgen Community Dance programming; often in non-traditional performance spaces like libraries, schools, or community centres. Jörgen Community Dance aims to improve the lives of Canadians by inspiring participation in and appreciation for the arts through personal connections and experiences. 

Jörgen Community Dance Programs

  • Ballet 101
  • Local Participants
  • Böys who Dance
  • Community Classes
  • Community Performances
  • Behind the Scenes Events
  • Workshops & Master Classes



Posted by: Ballet Jörgen Canada on August 23, 2022.
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