Holiday Campaign 40 Flights by January 1st, 2022
Our goal is to give 40 flights for end of life patients

Give A Mile wants to give 40 flights this holiday season for people to fly and be with their terminally ill loved ones.

“COVID has impacted everyone’s ability to be as close with loved ones as we would like to be. As most of us are planning to be close with family and friends during the holidays, it’s an appropriate time to reflect on that gift and in turn to make it possible for those in palliative care who want to embrace a family member for a final goodbye.”

The impact is huge as this former flight recipient shows, " guys gave my brothers a last chance to see our Mom before she went unconscious and passed away. Without your generous support my brothers would not have had the chance to talk, pray and sing with our mom and get closure, God Bless your generous kind hearted souls for making all this possible. During the time spent with my brothers in Vancouver it gave my Dad, Mom and rest of family strength to know we are one and really know how valuable life is because in front of our eyes my mom’s life slipped away."

Posted by: Give A Mile on November 5, 2021.
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