Anastasia Premiering this Summer on Stingray Classica!




"Anastasia breathes new life into a century-old story, modernizing the tale with entrancing contemporary ballet, performed by a stellar cast… skip the 1956, 1997 & 2018 movie adaptations, and go see the ballet if you ever get the chance. "– The Telegram, St. John’s, NL  

A Russian Grand Duchess, born to privilege, is cast out into a post-revolutionary world… What will become of her? 

We follow the daughter of the fallen Russian Tsar through the ballrooms of St. Petersburg, to the Russian Revolution, to captivity and beyond…The mystery of what happened to the seventeen year old Grand Duchess has fascinated people for over a century, spanning a multitude of books, movies and musicals. Anastasia is both the tragic story of an innocent girl and the subject of modern mythology, as there is great speculation about what actually happened that fateful summer of 1918. The human drama of a young girl born to privilege and cast out into a world of immense heartache proves an extraordinarily gripping tale. This ballet explores the emotions, aspirations, and affections of this lovable yet controversial character as the world transforms around her. Created in 2007 for the Company’s 20th Anniversary, Anastasia was substantially re-worked with updated choreography for the 30th Anniversary National Tour. The tour reached every single province in Canada - over 60 communities - and the ballet was filmed for worldwide release during its Toronto performance at the Betty Oliphant Theatre. For the first time ever, this brilliant ballet will premiere on air!   

Anastasia was created with the generous support of the Michael Young Family Foundation.  

Behind the Ballet: Meet the Creative Team CHOREOGRAPHY & SYNOPSIS: Bengt Jörgen, C.M. COMPOSER: Ivan Barbotin SET & COSTUME DESIGN: Sue LePage STAGE DIRECTION: Heinar Piller ADDITIONAL SYNOPSIS & CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT: Clea Iveson & Heinar Piller ANASTASIA FILM PRODUCTION TEAM: Oya Media Group  

Posted by: Ballet Jörgen Canada on June 3, 2021.
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