Refugee Family From Congo Re-start Their Life In Belgium
Thank you for contributing to my happiness.

Hello, I am Akeye A Zanz Ngama Bertin This message is to tell you that I thank you for the help you have given me with your American partner Miles4Migrants. Thank you my family has arrived: my wife and my 3 children that I had not seen for 3 years. They were in DR Congo.  I am a recognized refugee in Belgium, thanks to you we have come together. 

Since the arrival of my family on 23/02/2021, my life has changed, we are together and we are happy. Now I will really settle down and start living, with lots of positive projects: enrolling children in school, looking for larger accommodation, taking family walks.

Currently, I am pursuing university studies of law at the University of Brussels, for the 'equivalence of my diploma, because before fleeing my country (DR Congo) I was a lawyer. Having a home, my wife and my children who are waiting for me at home, gives me more ease, motivation and encouragement to continue my studies. Thank you for helping me in this difficult time and for giving me hope. Thank you for contributing to my happiness.

Posted by: Miles4Migrants on April 22, 2021.
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