Child Reunited With His Mother After Several Years
Words cannot say how happy I am. God bless you.

Hermon tells the story of how she was separated from her husband a very long time ago. They had one son, Natan. Natan is now 10 years old. Hermon was separated from her son for 7 years. It took her so long from the moment she fled Eritrea to the moment they could be reunited. 

Hermon asked for asylum in Belgium in summer of 2016. In December 2016 she was recognized as a refugee. Unfortunately, it took a long way before Natan was registered as an unaccompanied minor in Ethiopia to start the request at the Belgian Embassy. It was the father of Hermon, a resident of California, who finally had to give permission before the visa was granted, Covid-19 and the horrific conflict in Tigray were very hindering elements.

 In the last years her cousin Saron took care of Natan in Ethiopia so they could keep regular contact. Hermon met her new husband in Belgium. Natan has now a half brother of 8 (Elud) and 2 half sisters (Ararat, 4 and Abigael, 1). Hermon says: "I want to thank you for the special help. Words cannot say how happy I am. God bless you."

Posted by: Miles4Migrants on April 22, 2021.
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