25 Flights This Christmas Season
We are looking to give 25 Flights Away by January 1st, 2021

Give a Mile’s 2020 Holiday Giving Campaign is to fund 25 flights before New Years.  Due to COVID-19 protocols the need is even greater as impacts are being felt in the economy. 

At this time last year a young family had received an early Christmas gift: their 5-year old daughter Arya was selected for clinical drug trials to fight brain cancer, in Pittsburgh, PA. Dad, Mom, Arya and a new baby brother had flights and accommodations covered, but two siblings remained in Calgary. A medical social worker told them about Give A Mile, and after hearing the story the Flight Review Team granted flight requests allowing the family to return to Calgary and be together for what was Arya’s last birthday and Christmas season.  We want 25 flights like this happen this year!

Posted by: Give A Mile on November 10, 2020.
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