Your impact in 2019!

Your impact in 2019


The past year marked a historic tipping point. In Canada and around the world, millions took to the streets, demanding what you and I have long cared about: protecting the planet. You’re helping to drive this change and — thanks to you — we’ve made real progress.


In 2019, your generosity helped:


- Support 15 young people standing up for their future by taking the federal government to court for contributing to and perpetuating climate change.


- Create an interactive online story map inspiring people to take action for threatened caribou.


- Convince MPs from all major parties to sign our pledge for environmental rights.


In 2020, your vital support with help us continue to:


- Help more cities transition to renewable energy sources and electrify their economies. 


- Protect at-risk species like bees, monarch butterflies, orca and salmon, and conserve and restore habitat so wildlife can thrive and survive.


- Provide communications training for the youth litigants and their families and bring attention to their lawsuit in traditional and social media. 


Together, we’re working to protect nature’s diversity and the well-being of all life, now and for the future, and helping everyone in Canada act every day on the understanding that we are one with nature.


You are the engine that powers our work. 


Thank you for your generous support.

Posted by: David Suzuki Foundation on March 3, 2020.
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