WE'RE LIVE! Donate to DOXA's 2020 Aeroplan Campaign.
Help us bring filmmakers to DOXA 2020 by donating your Aeroplan miles!

At DOXA, we're all about fostering critical dialogue and promoting media literacy. Filmmakers help us do just that. 


With panel discussions, audience Q & As, workshops, Masterclasses, and other ways of engaging and learning from the people behind the cameras, DOXA is much more impactful when filmmakers are actually present.That's why we need your help. Please donate your air miles today and help us reach our goal of 75, 000 miles by March 31, 2020. During the campaign, Aeroplan will top up every mile we receive from members by 10%.  


In 2019, we were able to bring in 24 filmmakers from out of town to DOXA. By donating your air miles, you can help us fly in more filmmakers for DOXA 2020, happening May 7 thru 17. 


For more information on DOXA, visit www.doxafestival.ca 

Posted by: DOXA Documentary Media Society on February 10, 2020.
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