Ringo's Story
Ringo receives surgery to improve her lameness

Ringo is a beautiful roan mare that came to the Rescue in 2013 from another rescue that closed down. We believe they had originally bought her at an auction where she was going to be purchased by a meat buyer for slaughter since she wasn't sound. 

Ringo managed well with us on daily pain medication for her unsoundness for over the last 5 years. However recently her lameness has become worse.

In August we had her front feet xrayed and she showed marked changes, with calcification at the DDF tendon and indications of navicular disease (degeneration of the navicular bone in the hoof). She had hyaluronic acid (HA) and cortisone injections in both her left and right front feet in the coffin joint and navicular bursa. Unfortunately the injections did not help her lameness, specifically in her right foot so we decided on neurectomy surgery (severing the nerves into the hoof) as a last resort. We have had 2 other horses have this surgery with great success. The surgery went well and she's recovered and doing wonderfully!  She'll have many more years enjoying life here at the Rescue with her best horse friend Bo.

Posted by: Bear Valley Rescue Society on November 22, 2019.
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